Recently, representatives from The Exposure Foundation were asked to be involved with a forum with young men who are being raised in single-parent homes by their mothers. This event took place at St. Phillips A.M.E. Church. The forum was sponsored by another non-profit organization named Mothers Raising Sons. I find that single-parent homes with the mother being the parent leading the family has become very common in many communities. There were two issues that I found to be very alarming. One was that all the young men aspired to either be an athlete or mechanic. Only one young man was really interested in education as his primary goal. Also, one mother I talked to, one on one expressed that her son had no positive male role models in his life and many times her son tries to act as if he is the man of the house. However, when she attempts to discipline him, he reverts back to a child to sweet talk her out of punishing him. She explained that her son has learned how to play on her emotional side when it comes to disciplining him. What can we do as a community to combat this issue?