Being Pimped is a child of the sun being kidnapped and thrown in a land of snow.

Being Pimped is having to work for someone they didn’t even know.

Being Pimped is building a nation with your blood, sweat and tears, but having to live enslaved physically and mentally, year after year after year…….

Being Pimped is selling drugs to your on people and throwing up colors, then end up behind bars while they laugh and say “look at those stupid, ignorant brothers”.

Being Pimped is running, jumping, dancing and singing for a small amount of money, while your owner enjoys most of the milk and honey.

Being Pimped is buying name brand clothes you can’t afford to possess, thinking that your education is less important than how you dress.

Being Pimped is not knowing you’re ignorant, living a life that wasn’t meant, even worse being aware of your ignorance and remaining complacent.

WAKE UP !!!!